Monday, 16 May 2011

Ugly Americans.

I'm not going straight into my first review with the best show i've ever seen, but rather a show i stumbled upon lately that has given me a few chuckles. Ugly Americans is a show based around Mark Lilly, a social worker at the department of integration in an alternate version of New York filled with crazy monsters and ghoulies.

Just a small portion of the colourful cast of characters.

Werewolf attacking people on the subway? Maybe he just needs some counselling. Two-headed monster fighting with itself? Maybe some mediation is in order. Just struggling to make it in the Big Apple after a long and weary journey from your home planet? Mark Lilly is the man for all these jobs and more.

"Is that your brain? You gon' eat that?"

This coupled with a zombie house mate, a succubus girlfriend/boss and his partner at work being a wizard makes for some awesome situational banter. Much like Futurama, a visual gag is that much funnier when something with plenty of WTF potential is considered completely normal by the characters in this world.

"You what?"

Personally, i think the entire show is a metaphor for racism, prejudice, life in the big city, stereotypes, the difficulties of adjusting to a new place, being human.. But the fact that the show doesn't constantly revisit this theme in an effort to shove some morality in the viewers face as undeniable proof that deep and meaningful thought was involved in the making of a sometimes disagreeable show makes me feel like the makers of the series are giving me some creedence as the audience. I enjoy interpreting this show the way i want to and i hope that was the producers intent. 


Overall, i say definitely check this one out, it might be your cup of tea, it might not. But you can't deny the humanity of the show. I think we should all be more like Mark Lilly. That dude can handle a bad day. Like, really.

Leonard Powers is one of my favourite characters.

 Currently, there is only one 14-episode season out but it was announced by Comedy Central that another 14-episode season is on the way, release date TBA. 

If you've seen it before, let me know what you think! If there's another show like it that you want me to review, let me know in the comments! And if you haven't seen it, check it out!  

You might even learn a thing or two.


  1. haha i love this show! its a treat every time i catch it on tv

  2. This show is awesome, always had a good laughs watching with friends.

  3. HAHAHA incredible how they are ugly :)

  4. I enjoyed this show i hope it runs for a few more

  5. This show was funny at times, I wasn't a big fan though.

  6. this show is definitely worth watching at least once

  7. I really like the character design in this show. Animation could be improved, but great show nonetheless.

  8. For some reason, looking at those pictures reminds me of Dilbert..

  9. Never seen this show myself but remember that my friend mentioned it, probably something i should check out. thanks for sharing.

  10. You should check out this show called "the increasingly poor decisions of todd margaret". It had me cracking up for beginning to start & as the series goes on it compounds situations making it mulipicatively hilarious. Serious, by episode 6 I almost pee'd myself laughing.

  11. Really this is the best show?

  12. Leonard Powers was funny, i liked the clip, very funny.... lol..